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Welcome to Devil's Creek! We are a supernatural, small town RP board set in the fictional town of Devil's Creek, MA (located just five miles away from Salem, home of the infamous witch trials)! Please register first with an OOC account, and then any character accounts must be registered with first and last name in proper caps! Enjoy your stay here, we look forward to getting to know you!

Spring 2017

Mar 20 - June 19

Current Events

Chapter Two

Fonts provided by Adobe Typekit (Hill House & Raleway) and Google Fonts (Amatic SC). Icons provided by FontAwesome. Modal popup code by Kyle Fox. Tab Switcher script provided by Kismet of RPG-D. Post Auto-Saver by Black of Code. UCPMenu Listify and Uncheck Enable Emoticon scripts by Tav and RedheadedBeauty of RPG-Resources. Cbox Toggle & Code Area Select + Highlight by Thunderstruck of Shine. Skin by Rockett, exclusively for DC. Many, many thanks and special shout-outs to Aly, Bambi, Cat, Edna, Emily, & Nat for helping create the world and lending a hand in write-ups (among other things that kept the machine well-oiled and everyone musey)! And, as always, all other creative endeavors by members are credited to their respective authors.

Students: 67
Staff: 8
Townies: 20
Healing: 13
Illusion: 13
Knowledge: 9
Nature: 20
Physical: 10
Psychic: 18
None: 12
Freshmen: 6
Sophomores: 18
Juniors: 21
Seniors+: 22
Males: 40
Females: 55
Others: 0
Total: 95

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